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Similarly, Neptune was the day ruler of Pisces, leaving Jupiter as the night ruler, and Pluto was the day ruler of Scorpio with Mars as the night ruler. This notion probably had its origin in the concept of astrological sect , but this was the only vestige of sect in the modern tradition.

Unfortunately, no allowance was made for these modern suggestions in the complex traditional doctrine of essential dignities , but the idea was very popular. The use of dual rulerships in a manner such as this was also be known as "co-rulership".

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Some astrologers believed that the new co-rulers were primary rulers of the signs with which they were associated and might have been sole rulers of those signs, and if that was the case, two other planets, one linked to Libra or Taurus , and the other to Virgo or Gemini , may await discovery, thus eliminating the need for dual rulership of a sign altogether. Although the status of Ceres is unknown at the moment in astrology, due to its new definition as a dwarf planet, it has been suggested as the ruler of Virgo or Taurus.

For some modern astrologers it is the ruling planet of Virgo and co-ruler of the 6th house with Mercury , and for some others the ruling planet of Taurus and the 2nd house with Venus.

The possibility exists that it isn't involved with any sign, but in any event, it can almost definitely be attributed to the Earth element. Many modern astrologers assign what is called a "natural" rulership of each house of the horoscope to a different planet , in the same way as the zodiac signs are said to have rulers. Traditionally, however, rulership of houses was understood to apply only in the individual birth-chart, in what is called an "accidental" rulership.

In this case, co-rulership of a house in the "native's" horoscope is shared by planets that rule the sign on the cusp and any sign intercepted within the house and planets occupying that house. There are several different scenarios that one can use to determine rulership of a house When a person attempts to determine the rulership of a house, the more planets or bodies that rule that house will reveal its complexity.

Generally, the sign on the cusp will be the outward representation of the rulership, but the ruler of the sign inside the house will not be readily apparent, but will manifest itself at critical points in a person's life. As in the case of intercepted houses, the sign that is in the middle of the house is the sign that the native must transcend before he can progress to the next phase of the house's rulership.

Therefore, as in the previous example, if a house is intercepted with the sign of Scorpio then the native must will be initially presented with many Libran qualities, but must work through those very intense Scorpionic issues before having the benefits of Jupiter, which will be the last and ultimate state the native must work through before he has fully experienced all of the aspects of that house. Furthermore, the ancients assigned domal dignity to the North and South nodes of the Moon, although these do not qualify as rulerships since the nodes do not have governance over any signs.

However, the nodes are said to act more comfortably and reliably in those places:. Some discontent exist within the Western astrological community about some of the signs that are often still said to share rulers. Many suggestions have been made, but consensus could actually take centuries, as it did in the cases of Uranus and Neptune.

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A dispositor is a delineation of planetary rulership in relation to the signs. For instance if Mercury is in Libra, its dispositor is Venus, if Venus is in turn in Sagittarius, its dispositor is Jupiter, and if Jupiter is Cancer its dispositor is the Moon. This process continues until there is a final dispositor sign in its own rulership or it circles around in a never ending chain of command. Classical astrologers whose methods are rooted in traditional methods do not use any of the outer planets not recognized by the ancients as the rulers of any of the 12 signs, preferring the traditional rulership scheme.

On the other hand, most modern, psychologically-oriented astrologers do use the outer planets as ruling planets of those particular three signs listed above. Many others also use the ancient rulers while using the modern planets as the co-ruler of those signs. These are great placements for creativity since intellectual aesthetics will be met with incredible imagination, but this Mercury retrograde is extra confusing. If you can be patient, you will appreciate the uncertainty.

Getting lost is just part of the journey.

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The new moon in Pisces early in the month inspires us to take a leap of faith the same day that Uranus, the planet of rebellion, enters glamorous Taurus for the first time in 76 years. Later on, Aries season kicks off on the same day as a full moon in Libra, showing us how to strike a balance between love and independence.

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Once Venus leaves Aquarius for Pisces at the end of the month, eccentric and cutting-edge fashion is substituted for sweet, romantic beauty. We are more rational and conservative with our affections for most of the month, as Venus the planet of love and values , enters Aquarius on Friday, March 1. Love gets an intellectual edge for most of the month, and paying respect to your boundaries, rules, and standards, is done with bravery. Beauty is experimental, and no look is too weird to wear out.

If the future-forward love language of Venus in Aquarius is too cool for your bleeding heart to bear, fear not, for Venus will be in Pisces starting on Tuesday, March In sensitive and artistic Pisces, Venus can do all of the things she loves to do: share affection, achieve beauty through creativity, and flex her generous graces. The aesthetic style of Venus in Pisces is sweet, sentimental, and romantic. Our regularly scheduled Mercury retrograde starts on Tuesday, March 5 , as the communication planet moonwalks through Pisces. Allow extra time to get from point A to point B; with our heads in the clouds, getting lost will be easy to do, and it may even be enlightening.

Retrogrades are great for remembering, relocating, and reorganizing: They give us a second chance to redo things. This month is bound to trigger flashbacks of deep memories, reminding us of who we are and how much we share in common with others. There is a dreamy new moon in Pisces on Wednesday, March 6. This new moon will join Neptune the planet of beliefs and illusions , making us extra imaginative.

This planet loves music, so if you find yourself feeling lost without a paddle, put on your headphones and listen to your favorite songs to remember who you are. As this cluster of planets clashes with expansive Jupiter, it's the perfect time to initiate changes that inspire growth. After an eight-year-long stint in Aries, Uranus, the planet of intellectual rebellion and revolution, enters Taurus for the first time in 76 years on Wednesday, March 6 , where she will be until July Uranus is the planet of technology, and for the past eight years of Uranus being in independent Aries, we saw the rise of selfies and social media influencers.

With Uranus in Taurus, we will be coming back down to earth, opting for a more tactical approach to technology as we become more critically aware of the physical implications of phone and Internet addiction.

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Inventions in fashion, food, and art will serve a practical purpose in the years to come. Aries season begins on Wednesday, March 20 : Finally, the spring equinox. As the sun leaves Pisces for Aries, winter becomes spring in the Northern hemisphere and new life begins. While the sun is in Aries, putting yourself first has its advantages, like praise and recognition for originality.

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However, just a few hours after Aries season kicks off, there is a full moon in the opposite sign, Libra, which characteristically puts others first. With a full moon in Libra on Wednesday, March 20 , we seek a balance between our personal independence and our need for companionship.

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Similar to the new moon we had earlier this month, this full moon will also square off with expansive Jupiter, pushing us to make a change that allows for interpersonal growth.