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Monthly Horoscopes Sep 23, Their personality traits, what they're into and which star signs they get on best with. Monthly Horoscopes Sep 13, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 30, Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Monthly Horoscopes Aug 20, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 1, Monthly Horoscopes Jul 19, Star signs are for amateurs! The real you is found in your MOON sign. Sex Jul 17, Animals instinctively give back the energy they receive.

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And Pisces are definitely animal people, if you know what I mean. I think his works, interested in light and space, do to the exact opposite. They expand the self to the point of dissolving the self. And a final suggestion. Sleep with an aquamarine your birth stone placed under your pillow, and to the right and left of your bed, for 12 days. Any desert. Ideally, this would not be some ritual of you destroying or leaving behind this fear but giving it its own place to live, which is far from you. Dear Astro Poets, Hello from Texas.

I appreciate your Scorpio insight. So I can be bold, come on strong at times and be a little dramatic. I recently have started seeing a Pisces man with a Scorpio moon. So far we are comfortable around each other and the chemistry is fire. I like stimulation of any kind, mainly intellectual discourse or a night out. I like to go out to parties on most weekends and socialize. He, on the other hand, is shy and happiest it seems staying in and putting on Netflix. I want to make it work and appease both of our wants and needs but I think he may prefer someone more domesticated than I am.

How can I make this work between us? Do you have any advice for me suggesting to my Pisces that I may need more outings and less down time without being too demanding and risk scaring him off? Sincerely, A Curious Scorpio.

Wow, a Scorpio and a Texan. We live for you. Thank you for this question, because it gives us an opportunity to discuss something key to understanding how love and the zodiac work together: moon signs.

You guys are Pisces-Scorpio, which is an amazing match. I am relatively obsessed with all water signs Scorpio moon here , so I kind of am jealous that you are living in this watery reality. It makes sense that this connection is fire. Pisces-Scorpio truly get each other, because you both see through the surface of life into the delicious subtext. It must be so much fun sharing that with someone and I am glad that as a Scorpio, you have found this Pisces match. But back to your moons.

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In any intimate relationship, the moon sign is everything. The moon sign is like your id as in the Freud definition of this word. Scorpios are very intuitive some would say, psychic, even and you really have picked up on how your Leo moon might not work that well with his Scorpio moon. But to truly understand what is happening when you both interact, you have to look at life from his perspective. He is a Pisces, with a Scorpio moon. The difference however between you and your man is that you are a Scorpio, so you can put up defenses to keep these feelings out when you need to.

Plus your Leo moon helps you concentrate on more outward concerns, like the positive vibes you get from socializing. To a Pisces, being around people is profoundly exhausting. In addition, his Scorpio moon is in a challenging placement for similar reasons. Taurus is the zodiac's budgeter and wise spender. You believe in return on investment.

So if you devote years of your life to raising a child, you expect to be acknowledged for it!

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You'll raise your kids to have good manners, respect authority, and if possible, to idolize you. At the very least, you intend to occupy a VIP pedestal marked mother for the rest of their lives. While you hope to be close with your children, you won't sacrifice respect to be their best friend. There's a well-manicured iron fist in that Italian leather glove—even if it takes a lot for you to raise that fist. As long as your kids don't embarrass you publicly, violate one of your core values, or outright disrespect you, there shouldn't be any problems.

Simple enough, right? Motherhood makes great use of your managerial qualities, which most Taurus women come by naturally. With your flair for practical details and businesslike nature, you're the COO of your clan.

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You love to run people's lives—heck, you've been doing it for your girlfriends and family long enough. The structured rhythm of child rearing feels natural to you, unlike for many other zodiac signs. Even Taurus moms who run late for social engagements and we know quite a few will never be tardy applying for an elite arts camp scholarship, getting on the private school waiting list, or planning a posh first birthday party for their little one and his seventy-five closest aunts, uncles, cousins, et al. When it comes to your top parenting priorities, you're as precise as a laser.

Strengths as a mom: Versatility, youthfulness, curiosity, open-mindedness, originality, creativity. Weaknesses as a mom: Inconsistency, lack of boundaries, tendency to contradict self, impatience, talking or lecturing instead of listening. Your parenting style: "Ah, to be a mom of many personalities—complex and even contradictory at times but certainly never boring.

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Such is the way of the Gemini mama, ruled by the zodiac's Twins. Varied and versatile, you keep your family guessing what you'll say or do next. There's never a dull moment under your roof—even though some household members wouldn't mind one every now and then! Since your standards can be subject to change without notice, your rigidity is tempered with a bold streak of the opposite.

You'll scour the ingredient list of your baby wash but take the kid to a jazz club or raise her in a smog-filled metropolis. Let's face it: you can't help but contradict yourself at times. If you were totally principled, you wouldn't be an airy, unpredictable Gemini. Or your tightly run ship happens to be on an actual ship With Geminis, you just never know. While Geminis have a rep for being breezy and hard to pin down, they can actually be quite anxious.

Your sign is ruled by Mercury,planet of communication and the intellect, so your brain simply never shuts off. As a result of all this mental energy, you might just be the most eccentric mom on the block—or the most opinionated. Hey, your brand of maternal instinct is a unique concoction. Weaknesses as a mom: Self-centeredness, drama, too much energy, Pollyanna tendencies.

Your parenting style: " Lights, camera, action! The creative and dramatic Leo mama leaves her signature stamp wherever she goes. Parenting is the ultimate personal expression for you, Leo—a job you throw yourself into, heart and soul. Leos tend to be hands-on mothers, involved in every aspect of their children's lives. You take pride in raising capable, successful citizens who will grow up and do great things in the world. While you're not a mean mom by any stretch, Leo, you can be stern about your standards.

You're a tough act to follow, since you tend to be a high achiever. Our Leo friend Patricia Moreno kept her fitness brand Sati Life thriving—training teachers, giving classes, filming workout videos—while juggling a toddler and infant twins. You hold yourself to very lofty standards and meet them effortlessly , so you may not realize when you're pushing your kids too hard. Or maybe you do. And when your kid grows up to be a successful doctor, lawyer, businessperson, artist, or whatever, he'll thank you.

The return on investment is worth it! Besides, your innate sense of entitlement can work to everyone's advantage, gaining your family access to exclusive schools, arts programs, and elite summer camps. Nothing can sway you when you're on a mission, and even if your kids turn out to be your polar opposite in career, lifestyle, or beliefs, you'll still have played a strong role in their upbringing.

Not that you won't play as hard as you work. When a Leo mom decides to celebrate, she goes all out! You're a consummate event planner: no party or pile of presents can rival a Leo mother's lavish layout.